Tag: Installation

True Colours II

The second incarnation of this work exploring deforestation. Taking the statistics of tree loss for a particular year, each ribbon is printed with a text showing the amount of tree loss in hectares for that country. The colours represent different types of forest (Tropical, sub tropical, temperate or Boreal), with the length and text stating the amount of tree loss. Vestry…

Insects 2007

Mixed media, (Site specific Installation), 100 x 100 cm The front window of an Edwardian home is transformed into a cabinet of curiosity. Moths and butterflies fashioned from waste and cloaked in patterns constructed from the icons of modern street furniture, mobile phone masts, satellite dishes, aerials, lamp posts. Pinned through and suspended in time, reminiscent of the trophies gathered from un-spoilt…

Morris Garden 2008

Site-specific installation. 86 Garden gnomes adorned in Morris-esque designs, grow in zen garden like clusters from the front garden of Walthamstow Fire Station, the site of William Morris’ birthplace. London, UK.

Remains of Home 2009

On the site of William Morris’ birthplace, a fire station which now stands on that spot has its exterior wallpapered. The hand wood block printed wallpaper incorporates modern imagery (including street furniture) into a Morris inspired design. 2 Part Site-specific installation, the tools and production of the wallpaper is displayed concurrently in the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow, London, UK.    

Welcome To… 2010

  Installation over four Venues; (William Morris Gallery, Vestry House Museum, Penny Fielding Beautiful Interiors, Ye Olde Rose & Crown theatre pub), Coir Door mats depicting welcome messages with text cut in over size braille. London, UK.

Modern Mandala 2010

Mandalas are a ritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, representing the universe, and in meditation its purpose is to help transform ordinary minds in to enlightened ones. In my Mandala Series of Work I have substituted the traditional sand for plastic, a material that will not return to the earth on the wind like the sand mandalas, but instead degrade into…